A Guide To Reporting Japanese Knotweed

After positive Japanese Knotweed identification has been made of any infestation, it becomes necessary for other parties to be notified of the problem so that they have the opportunity to respond. In most Japanese knotweed compensation claims, legal action cannot be pursued until all parties have been informed of the infestation. Notifying authorities of Japanese knotweed on public land can also help prevent the plant’s ongoing spread.

Do I have to declare Japanese knotweed?

In the event that you discover an infestation on your land, you are not legally required to declare Japanese knotweed to the authorities. Although it is illegal to allow the plant to spread outside of your land, you are not required to declare the presence of Japanese knotweed to your neighbours or the local authorities.

Is it illegal to not report Japanese knotweed in your garden?

It is not illegal to have Japanese knotweed in your garden, or on your land. If you have discovered the plant on your land then you are under no legal obligation to notify anyone about it or even treat the plant. You are, however, responsible for ensuring that the plant does not spread into neighbouring land, whether it be privately or publicly owned.

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